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The Morea dental office is a high quality dental clinic located in the heart of the city. With a wide range of dental services, from caries treatment to advanced orthodontics, Morea Dental Practice is dedicated to the care and well-being of its patients. Due to its focus on quality and professionalism, Morea Dental Practice has become a popular choice for anyone looking for a high quality, reliable dentist in the area. With a team of highly trained professionals and attentive attention to the needs of their patients, the Morea dental office offers an excellent and personalized dental care experience for each individual.



Dental implantology is a dental specialty that uses titanium implants to replace missing or damaged teeth. The implant is inserted into the maxillary or mandibular bone, creating a strong foundation for the artificial tooth to be fixed on top of it. Dental implantology is a safe and effective procedure that allows you to restore the function of your teeth and their natural appearance.



The aesthetic fixed prosthesis is a permanent prosthetic solution that uses highly aesthetic materials to restore the function and natural appearance of missing or damaged teeth. These dentures are made using materials such as ceramic or zirconia, which perfectly mimic the color and shine of natural teeth. Dental veneers, on the other hand, are thin ceramic or composite shells that are applied to the outer surface of the teeth to improve their aesthetic appearance. Dental veneers are used to correct defects such as discolorations, chips, crooked or too short teeth, creating a more beautiful and uniform smile. Dental veneers are durable and strong, and can be custom made to fit the shape of your teeth perfectly. With the fixed aesthetic prosthesis and dental veneers, you can achieve a beautiful and healthy smile that will last over time.




Conservative dentistry is the branch of dentistry that deals with the prevention and treatment of dental caries. Using advanced techniques, the dentist removes the decay and repairs the tooth using strong and durable materials. The goal of dental conservation is to preserve the natural tooth for as long as possible and to prevent further deterioration of the dental tissue



Classical orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with correcting the position of the teeth and jaw bones using fixed devices such as metal or mobile appliances such as bites. Removable appliances are able to exert a gradual force on the teeth, moving them into the correct position and improving their functionality. Clear aligners are removable, clear, patient-specific devices that fit snugly over the teeth and gradually move them into the desired position. These devices are invisible and comfortable to wear, and allow you to correct the position of the teeth discreetly and without having to wear metal braces. Classical orthodontics and clear aligners are able to correct a wide range of orthodontic problems, improving the functionality of the teeth and the appearance of the smile.



Endodontic treatment or more commonly called devitalization involves the removal of the nerve of a tooth when it is affected by irreversible inflammation caused by a bacterial infection (many times due to deep caries) or da a tooth fracture. To carry out this therapy, special nickel-titanium files are used which allow material to be removed in the very narrow root canal, the apical detector and intraoral radiographs are also used to obtain the correct working length, finally, after having obtained the disinfection of the canal, it is filled and sealed with a gum called gutta-percha. Generally a tooth treated in this way is weaker than its healthy counterpart and for this reason it must be covered with a prosthetic crown or an inlay.



Dental checkups and visits are extremely important for the health of your mouth and teeth. During these visits, the dentist is able to identify any dental or gum problems early, before they can become more serious and costly to treat. Furthermore, regular dental visits allow the dentist to evaluate the state of health of the teeth and gums, check for the presence of cavities, plaque and tartar, and verify the effectiveness of one's oral hygiene regimen. In addition, dental visits can also be useful for the prevention of other conditions, such as mouth cancer or bone loss. During the visit, the dentist can also provide useful advice for improving one's oral hygiene, preventing dental problems and maintaining a healthy and beautiful smile. Finally, regular check-ups can also be beneficial from an economic point of view, as they allow dental problems to be identified and treated early, avoiding the risk of having to face more invasive and expensive dental procedures in the future. In summary, regular dental checkups and visits are essential to maintain a healthy mouth and prevent any dental and gum problems.


I would recommend this studio to everyone because they are professionals who work with great attention, competent and available.

Max C.

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MONDAY: 10 - 12 / 15 - 20
TUESDAY: 9.30 - 12.30 / 14.30 - 20
WEDNESDAY: 2.30pm - 20
THURSDAY: 10 - 12 / 15 - 20
FRIDAY: 15 - 20



Landline: 0323/848618 Mobile: 3515905819

Whatsapp: 351 5905819

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